September 15, 2012

Wonderful Parks

Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons,
Sawtooth, Jedediah Redwoods

Our travels through Glacier

We stayed at the Avalanche Lake campground
on the west side of the park

 We walked Rudy in the campground several times
as he was not allowed on the hiking trails

He patiently waited in the camper while we were on hikes

Taking a hike along the Avalanche Creek

As we climbed higher the creek
turned into a sunlit red rock gorge

After 3km we reached windy Avalanche Lake

The waterfalls at the far end of the lake were spectacular 

Up close of the fan at the bottom

Another hike was to Virginia Falls

Brilliant Red Rocks in the creek

It was time to drive the famous Going To The Sun Highway 
We travelled early to avoid all the mid day traffic

Huge mountains surrounded us as we climbed higher

There are many extreme switch backs so the rules are
your vehicle can't be more than 21' long...we were 20'

The road is carved right out of the cliff

It travels all the way up the side of a huge valley

In the full sunshine we were almost at the top  

Logan Pass Visitor Centre is at the summit
Clements Mountain is in the background   

We took the Hidden Lake boardwalk hike
Yikes...the high altitude made it tough

It led right up to the mountain and then around it to the left

to a beautiful green meadow where Arlene is looking at...

  Hidden Lake with Bear Hat Mountain towering above

Saw our first mountain goat up close...on the boardwalk 

We heard that the Highline Trail was exciting and it was
Good thing there was a rope to hold on to as
the highway was a long way down below us

This shot was tricky as we also had to hold on to the rope

Clements Mountain with a full moon next to it

Now who is the best looking Ranger

After a few days we headed on to the Many Glacier area
Its on the northeast side of the park with this big lodge

There is lots of wildlife in this beautiful area 

A camper showed me this grizzly in his spotting scope
and with my full zoom I caught the big fella eating

Big Cow Moose enjoying a meal in Fishercap Lake

Grizzly and her three cubs heading into the forest

As we drove out of the valley slowly
we spotted this Grizzly having a soak in the lake

I was taking pictures with my zoom and then
he came out of the water and headed towards us

I dashed back into the truck as he came up the bank
onto the road and crossed right in front of us was amazing

Then we headed for the Two Medicine Lake area
in the southeast side of the park

On the way we spotted this Big Black Bear

Wolf Mountain at the head of Pope Lake

Two Medicine Lake Lodge

Yummy...Huckleberry Ice cream on the deck

You can tour the entire park in one of these classic vehicles

We had a cool little campsite near the lake

It was close to our own private little beach
We enjoyed a bottle of wine and watched for wildlife

We scanned the area with our binoculars

And were fortunate to spot another Big Black Bear
foraging for berries high in the meadows

The tour boat on Two Medicine Lake

Wolf Mountain was glowing with the rising sun
when we left early heading for Yellowstone Park

We loved Glacier and hope to return soon