August 1, 2011

Nahmint Valley

Beautiful Nahmint Lake

our campsite in the old growth trees

the trees kept us cool during the heat of the day

we love this kind of natural camping...and its free...go figure

I used the quad to take the boat and motor down 

and soon we were flying down the lake

looking north up the lake and the fabulous Nahmint Valley

this is Blackies Beach half way down & across the lake

Skipper Arlene...after a few days we found a pattern on the lake,
from early morning until about 10:30ish it was flat calm
as soon as we felt some wind we headed home

because all hell would break loose a 1/2 hour later

so when the wind was up we went quadding

we zipped by these two big trees several times
on our adventures into the valley

waterfalls were everywhere

Nahmint River flows through a deep and colourful gorge

Gracie Lake high on a plateau

and then we climbed higher

Klitsa Mountain

Nahmint Mountain

end of this road...deep culverts out...deactivated

lots of ripe huckleberries made for some pink poop 

and then there were salmon berries

more giants

capturing that special light

water flowing down from a cloud covered Nahmint Mountain

up close there is a giant bolder waiting to fall

we are now at the south end of the lake looking north,
the river flows in on the left and our campsite is on the right,
in the distance Nahmint mt on the left...Klitsa is in the middle
we quadded to the base of both mountains

back at the north end
our campsite is below on the left in the old growth,
the river comes in on the far side

up close there is a big sand delta

it was sweet over at the river looking down the lake
in the distance the hump in the middle is where 
we quadded to when we went to the south end

a nice breeze in the warm grass

looking up the river

another roaring creek headed for the river 

a quiet moment on a calm Nahmint 

yet in no time it was blowing again

signs of a busy woodpecker

and sure enough he showed up for a moment

not sure what kind of bird this fella was

and who is this ghostly looking guy

then there were these characters

Russ & Arlene


  1. More great pics wish I had the time to go explore,maybe later .You guys look like you have a great time .Thanks

  2. Looks damm fantastic you guys. Must be nice to be rich and retired (Or so it seems)

  3. Another great trip report guys. Looks like a wonderful place to explore. How was the road in? I'm contemplating eventually down scaling from my Tracker to a crossover of some sort. Think something like an AWD Juke or Subaru would make it? It's been a few years since I was on that road...

  4. Very nice as always. Looks like you two had a lot of fun, as always. Hopefully next year I will be in better shape and able to explore a little here in the Sierras - the knee surgery has me out of commission this summer. Keep the pictures coming, my friend!

  5. Hi Russ and Arlene, thanks so much for displaying this magnificent blog! I lived on Vancouver Island for 8 years 2000-2008 and also divulged myself in every outback outdoor experience I could. It was paradise and the best time of my life. I get to relive some of those through viewing your blog. Thanks for sharing yourselves and your experience. Isn't it interesting how some people believe you have to be rich or retired to enjoy such adventure and beauty? Nope. I was in my 30's and was an entrepreneur with 4 endeavors yet I chose that all my entertainment and social life would be enjoying all the outdoor adventures I could on the island. It's living richly but economically, I say. Bless you! Lori Clinch Adams, now in Central Florida

  6. Awesome going to try to kiteboard there this weekend