October 1, 2011

"The Bear" at Reginald Lake

Crown Mountain

the water was a beautiful deep green

this bluff is where we love to swim

so nice to cool down

tons of bugs on the water so the fish were full

gave it a try anyway

and was rewarded nicely...very colourful

time to go for a quad ride

looking down on the Strathcona Dam

north to Brewster Lake and the mainland mountains

wow...just like a painting

Bacon Lake

we were camped by the lake and near this clearing
we were making morning coffee when we heard bushes moving

Yikes...a bear was feeding not far away
I grabbed my camera with the big zoom

he didn't seem too worried about us watching

then he started grunting and puffing

I switched to video and was amazed when he stood up
He looked at Me and then Arlene
I was ready to run...so I'm glad he ran first

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