February 19, 2009

Frozen Lakes

early trip out for a paddle
It was a beautiful cold day

map of our trip looking for open water

Echo, Beavertail, Fry, Lawson,
Gray, Garret, and Patterson.

every lake was frozen over

1st stop Echo Lake

nice morning light but still very cold

Fry Lake with some open water

Garret Lake still in the shade...thick ice

it looks like we won't be launching the canoe today

even the bigger Patterson Lake was frozen

we could hear the singing from all the ice

and the designs were awesome

white everywhere and then some bright red

this homestead has burnt down since our trip

Lawson Lake had some cool ice designs

Gray Lake had very thin ice as it has sun all day

huge icicles right next to the road

this one made a giant sword 

Campbell Lake...finally some open water

we left the canoe on top of the truck
and built a fire to have a hot cup of coffee

another great adventure

1 comment:

  1. Russ,

    I made a similar trip a few years ago looking for open water. Ended up on Roberts and it was wonderful.

    Great set if images that really capture the feel if it. Or maybe that is because I just came in from outside and my fingers are almost too numb to type!

    Happy New Year,