October 15, 2011

Spirit Lake

It was a misty morning...we hoped we were on the right road

what a gorgeous fall day

now we were on a road not showing on the gps

years ago we had come to Spirit from the south and we both remember turning left at a beautiful marsh...a bridge is now out on the south route so we were coming from the north this time and weren't sure where the hell we were...and then the marsh...yes

and here's the road...much more overgrown than last time

it was cool in more ways than one

a great wide open space to set up camp 

Spirit Lake

easy access to the lake

the sun was warm but you still had to be dressed right

Arlene took this great shot looking north towards Mt Kitchener

I spotted this golden dragon fly...he was in trouble

so like the good guy I am...I saved him and soon he flew off

Arlene caught this bright little fella on the dry fly

clear and cold morning looking south to Crown Mountain 

the kayaks were covered in frost

we warmed up and had coffee and breakfast
then decided now was the time for a quad ride

Honey...its not a race

the frost makes the bracken go a wonderful halloween orange

enough pictures...lets go...Arlene's driving so she's the boss

we found a marvelous mushroom road  

looking for chanterelles  

loved the light on this little one

Shaggy Mane...we now know this one is good to harvest 

but not at this stage


fantastic contrast in a dark forest

on the road they grew in patches

we wondered if this was a pine...maybe

tough guy pushing up through the branches

elk poop helping these guys

and we had another good feed of chanterelles 

we ended up down at Brewster Lake beach

and enjoyed the afternoon sun before heading back

we only had one cold night to spoon in the camper
but two full cloudless days in the great outdoors


  1. Outdid yourself with this report Russ! Some of those photos actually made me gasp. Beautiful light and love the fall colours. Nice mushroom shots too!

    Glad to see you were able to get in. I've been wanting to get back to Spirit for some time, but with Long Lake Main deactivated I wasn't sure how to do it. Good to see you found a way.

    Really appreciate your blog, it is getting very rich with content!

  2. WOW,
    Russ, that word about covers it!
    Beautiful spot and extrordinary shots.

  3. Great pictures Russ....LOVE all the different mushroom pictures! Awesome!
    Thanks a lot for sharing

  4. jealous nice pics cant wait for spring shane / sheldon comox valley