June 30, 2007

Reginald Lake

 another great old deactivated road
just the kind we love to travel on

and to think logging trucks once travelled here

this route got pretty rough

nothing like a good solid bridge...not

the lake has a nice open campsite

one of my favourite pictures

easy access to the lake

we have been here many times

and we love all the seasonal changes

lots of points and bays to explore

this guy sure gave us the once over

quiet bay at the far end of the lake

we love to have a picnic on this bluff

and the swimming is fantastic

summer is the best time to throw a dry fly

we've caught many nice fish here
most went back for another day

 then another quiet paddle just to enjoy the scenery

the sun and the warmth will soon be gone

time for a good hot fire

lots of people fish here
but few stay overnight
good fishing...private camping
no wonder we keep going back

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  1. Boy, a really lovely mood to this post. Cool, but peaceful. Nice fish!