October 9, 2011

Pearl Lake & Oyster River

with Campbell River in the background we're on our way

deep into the valley we go

wild blueberry in full colour 

there are several big plateaus 

nice spot to see some elk

fall fireweed in the mountains

we came to several dead ends 
but Arlene found a trail leading down  

down to where we had no idea and it was pretty rough 
but we had to get down to the Oyster River

yippee...just below there was a better road to continue on
the river is way down at the bottom of the valley

finally down to the river and now we can
follow the oyster main to pearl lake

not so fast...active logging...crap
we weren't far from the lake...crap
it was sunday...so we slipped under

no one was around but they have been busy

at the end of the logging road a trail started
this proves the winds can howl up here

it was fantastic complete with huge bolders

cool fungi colours

a resting spot to catch the first glimpse of the river again

now we were getting close to the source

here's the beginning of the Oyster River

and this is Pearl Lake that feeds the river

a great quad trip to some spectacular scenery

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  1. hi Russ. great photos and blog. i'd like to connect with you by email if you're so inclined. James in Comox