June 30, 2005

Lawson Lake

A fairy tale road into the forest
wish this was our driveway

we always love going to this little lake

It is completely surrounded by new growth forest

we had to cut a trail to the lakeside for access

I'm getting real tired of this tough stuff


we built a great little dock
with some old fencing we had brought 

now it was easy access into the canoe

you could say it's our lake for now

often the clouds would drift by very quickly 
making for some great lighting

what a fantastic morning

a dragon fly and his damsel

a sunny bluff to watch the clouds drift by

misty morning

these conditions made for a cool shot

then I got this one playing with the camera

yikes...that was a nice fish

so this is what they're after


time for the the infamous 
"Tom Thumb"

lets give it a try

in no time we had ourselves a trout

two nice ones for dinner that night

completely still and so peaceful

a wonderful loon family

and a beaver dam too

even when it rains its beautiful

and then a rainbow makes it all worth while

sometimes this is our best fishing weather

We love the Red Winged Black Bird

nice time to read a book by the lake shore

such a natural setting

a colourful evening for a quiet paddle

getting chilly...time to say good night 
and spoon together in our warm camper

It's tricky to get down to the lake but well worth it

1 comment:

  1. Russ, these photos are simply STUNNING!

    I have not seen a better portrait of a Sayward Forest lake. Your post truly opens a window on this wonderful piece of paradise. It really is a gem, the exact word I myself have used for this lake.

    Thanks for the dock, by the way, I'm trying to remember if it was there when we visited this summer. I think so, but will have to look back at my photos. Now you have inspired me to post a companion post to this beautiful effort. Well done!