July 30, 2006

Farewell Lake

Its spelt Farewell in the map book but a friend we met there
explained its actually named after a prominent
Campbell River family named Farwell

this beautiful lake is hidden from the road by a huge bluff
perfect background for a portrait shot

it also has a great campsite

we had a riot on the giant swing rope

I hit the bank a few times

a great start to a new day

I love the morning sun with my coffee

around the first point is a spot in the sun that is heavenly

its 10 feet deep right up to the rock shore
great for swimming

beavers often come out in the evenings

a friend paddling with the loons

we're ready for another spectacular day

one of the prettiest little islands I've ever seen on a lake

sparkling sun drops on the island

in the center of the picture is where a river flows in
just to the left is an outflow

the bridge just after the lake has been washed out
but now its got a great boardwalk

bright purple cone

enjoying a warm fire on a clear night

and one on a cool morning too

pretty early morning mist

colourful little lilly pad just off shore

great camouflage on this dragonfly

on the far side of the island

not sure what happened to this boat

nothing like dragging your feet in cold water on a hot day

lots of little trout...still looking for a big one here

we always enjoy our time at this fairy tale lake

time to head home after another great trip


  1. Stunning yet again. Wonderful images, so crisp and clear. Interesting to see the water level difference from when Tom and I were there in late August.

  2. did u get there by goig in by cedar lake or from another way in?