October 4, 2011

Interior Trip #2

July 1 / 2009

Kamloops and Merritt

A quick rest stop in the Fraser Valley

Tunkwa Lake

 we were camped on the spit just to the right

Beautiful spot when the wind wasn't up
this view is from above the canal

view out our back door on to the main lake

we could pull the boat right up next to the camper

the lodge is across the lake from us

up close showed this was not our type of camping

however we were not alone on our side
we're the little one on the left

not too windy yet

then the wind came on strong 15 minutes later

time to get off the lake people

soon lots of boats were pulled up to wait for things to die down

big clear sky means we were in for a cold night

next morning was crisp and clear

July 1st and there was frost on the table
that's what you get being up high on a plateau

soon there will be lots of boats out

all set up and ready to go

morning mist...too bad so many pine trees are dying

quiet and peaceful trolling with the electric motor

at the west end the water drains out

and down into Leighton Lake

always trying my luck...this time from shore

we spotted this marmot on a nearby bluff

up close he was pretty big

beautiful spot for a picnic

on our way home we stopped at Roche Lake

this lake is stocked and has some nice rainbows

trying very hard to keep up with mom

Robbie was trying everything with no luck

some serious trolling...I haven't had much success this trip

patience and determination along with a little luck

as the sun was going down we agreed it had been a great trip

heading to bed there were still people fishing

Russ & Arlene

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