May 24, 2011

Atluck Lake

we met up with my brother and headed in

pretty good road in...Atluck Lake is at the base
 of Pinder Peak in the far distance

zoomed in

we stopped at Huson Lake to meet Den & Kerrie
the water was high so there was no beach

on to Atluck Lake and a beautiful campsite

with a fabulous beach

a quick paddle to explore our bay

and then we set up the boat to go down the lake

on the lake right below Pinder Peak 

we quadded to the base of the mountain
and found a large ice field

Atluck Lake is quite long with an island at the far end

Little Huson Regional Park
we wanted to explore the caves in this area

a long boardwalk trail leads down to the river

deep in the forest is this green secret

and then it disappears into this cave

Arlene doing some rock surfing

trying my luck down river

two little guys hunting for bugs

nice pose...but it was me doing the cutting for tonights fire

rain kept threatening so we got a tarp up over the table

and the guys made a great chess board

mean black men

cool white men

we decided to head down to Vernon Lake
it was mid week so we had to watch for active logging

 found this campsite sheltered from the wind with a beautiful view

quaint little house for swallows

this little hummer came here quite often to rest
so when the sun was right I set up and waited...nice

just down from Vernon Lake
this is the beginning of the Nimpkish River

it was a wonderful week with good friends
and plenty of surprises

Russ & Arlene


  1. Love your blog Russ.

  2. Hi nice pics .Does Huson lake get windy?

  3. When I was a young man back in the early 70's I spent about 3mnths.(winter) living with my father at the southern end of Atluck Lk., we where salal pickers. Even in winter it is a beautiful place. We lived beside the left side of the road on the hill just before going down to the lake. There used to be an old logging camp at this spot on the lake but was long gone. As we picked around this area we found reminence of these past times, we found an old hard rubber tired "c" cab logging truck still on the wooden planks it drove on and the clay pigeon thrower they used for shooting practice, this was still in the ground and probably is still there to this day July 2016. We also found the old garbage dump they used and where when the camp closed down anything from the residences and offices where dumped, today it would be a small treasure trove of antiques. From the time I was there up until this time I have wanted to get back in there but life seems to always get in the way and the best I have done was get to Woss. Although I was only at Atluck for 3mnths., it was one of the nicest places I have been on Vancouver island, quiet, peaceful and serene and only about 26 miles from Woss camp. If anyone is into this type of beautiful scenic area I give Atluck Lake a 2 thumbs up, enjoy......