July 5, 2011

Beavertail Lake

we ran into logging trucks before we even hit the gravel

Beavertail Lake
complete with our own private dock

and a sweet little campsite all to ourselves

sure was pretty when the sun was out

this guy is the reason for the lake's name
he was busy eating the green reeds

then to our amazement several loons flew in
we counted eleven adults in total...lots of calling

the most we have ever seen before is two parents and two babies
such a beautiful bird

afternoon sun breaks between dark clouds

awesome natural heat for my sore back

my sweetheart in the wilderness

molten moss

a cute little "one tree" island

we paddled into a bay and spotted this huge nest
an eaglet was squawking but we couldn't see it

then mom showed up and really got an earful
after a few minutes she got tired of it and flew off

Reginald Lake
we have had good luck with a dry fly here

it was great to have a warm sunny day

just relaxing

then a snake swam by
yikes...it was 2' long

and while I was busy getting a shot of the snake
this nice rainbow took my fly...too funny 

it was a fantastic four days with lots of wildlife
and some great fishing


  1. Hi Russ,
    What a perfect fishing weekend! Eeeks, a snake....in the water.....my worst nightmare....I would have been hard-pressed to put my hands in the water for quite some time!
    Love your sweetheart picture. Black background makes your pictures look even more fantastic.

  2. Love that shot of the kayak at Reginald Lake. The whole trip report is great. Makes me want to be out there!