July 15, 2011

Kunlin Lake

We camped at the Strathcona Dam campsite
on our way and it poured all night

 it was still raining the next morning as we headed for Gold River

then south into Kunlin Lake

the road had some crazy washouts

so we took it slow 

and made our way up to the lookout where we would camp

lots of room for us all
looking east a fantastic view of Kunlin Lake

then the clouds started to roll in again

lots of snow still on the peaks and rain on us

we kept nice and warm under the tarps

time to investigate and do some 4x4ing

beautiful waterfalls were everywhere

the road had turned into a river

and we had to cross this creek...our 4Runner did great

Den & Kerrie had it easier on their quad

the river flowed right through this log

the sun came out and we headed for the lake

cloudy but the lake was lit up

Den fishing just off shore but no bites

some huge old growth...a few were left

the powerful river flowing out of the lake

rain can't stop us from a ride on the quad

washouts as we head to the bluff

and more beautiful waterfalls

looking west a stunning view of Kunlin Lake from the bluff

It was a wild and wet weekend but we had a great time


  1. Wow Russ, what a great adventure. Looks like you had the right vehicles for the trip, great shots of the roads!

    I've been to Star Lake, and assume you keep going past Star, is that right? Did someone in your group know the way?

    The photos, as always, are fantastic. Thanks for sharing this great trip report!


  2. Hi Arlene and Russ,
    Sure do like your photos! Perfect shots, keen detail. All of it a delight to the eye. Never even knew there WAS a Kunlin Lake. Thanks for exploring all that great terrain.