October 20, 2011

Klaklakama Lake

September 2 / 2011

pronounced" kla klak ama" or "klak la kama"
we had tall old growth all around us
My brother Kim was with us

we were set to do some paddling & quadding 

a nice little beach to store the kayaks

we headed off into the mountains on the quad
with several routes set up on the gps

this is Mount Schoen with a glimpse of it's beautiful lake 

deep in the valley there were huge rock slides 

it was getting pretty hot so a cool refresher was in order

wild raspberries

back at Klaklakama we look up at Maquilla Peak
our plan is to quad to the north base of the mountain
where there is a small glacial lake

the road got rough in several places

we were not expecting such a stunning little lake 
with elk trails everywhere

lots of frozen snow drifts still fighting the sun

the old growth straight ahead is where  our campsite is

today we decide to quad to the south side of Maquilla Peak

a major washout but there's enough room to squeeze by

the creeks are flowing everywhere

this cool road takes us higher and higher

finally we reach the top and enjoy the view down the valley

morning fishing trip...every day was sunny

quietly cruising by

easy fella...no pooping on the hat or glasses please

Vernon Lake...we have camped on that little point

it was a busy 4 days with so much to explore
no wonder we love this north island area

Russ & Arlene


  1. This weather looks amazing. I'm assuming this trip wasn't taken in the past month or so.

  2. Hey Russ,

    It has been a few years since I was in this area, but it is one of my favorites. Any idea of the name of that kittle alpine lake you found? Looks really delightful! What a beautiful shot of the green water and vegitation.

    The North Island has some of the best lakes, doesn't it? I have made trips with both my sons into this area. Klaklakama Lakes are great. We usually try to camp on the first one, which if I recall is "upper" Klaklakama. Is there a camp site on the lower lake? It looks more interesting for paddling...

    I have some photos from Nimpkish Island and would like to visit there again with a whole day to take photos. I have always thought it would be a great place to hunt mushrooms in the fall, but have not made it yet!

    Thanks for the report, always nice to see what you guys are up to.


  3. Fabulous pictures Russ. Love your blog.