July 30, 2010

Stewart Lake

It is one of the sweetest lakes on the Island

Head for Sayward and then instead of going into town go left off the highway and follow the White River main for about 30 km

It was a cool misty morning when we arrived

it's completely silent as the lake slowly wakes up

now the birds are chirping everywhere

the sun will soon be on the lake 

Beautiful Stewart Lake

Arlene was happy when we were all set up

the quad trailer folds out to make a great table

The Porters are now in Residence

our "RED ROCKET" is out and ready to go

we had our red yaks with us too

My sister Kerrie & her husband Denny joined us. 
They have a great quad and boat setup too

and their camper was in the second campsite

its time to go for a quad ride

Diesel, their dog, rides with them

Russ looking up at Victoria Peak, the 2nd 
tallest mountain on Vancouver Island 

Golden Hinde is the tallest

Warden Peak...its the 3rd tallest

Both together
Victoria has her Crown
 Warden has his Pinnacle

here comes the gang

too much fun

what are you two looking at?

a nice little trout doesn't even know
he's being watched from above

Diesel hauling firewood...ya right

the fireweed was stunning

We saw some black bears with their cubs and tried to get a picture but they were too fast getting into the bush. The deer were slower...as in the headlights

Watchtower Peak was Huge

good place to shut down and watch for wildlife

this is elk country...when I zoomed in on this picture and there was a baby next to it's mom on the right 

gorgeous waterfall

Den, the quadding king in all his glory

Diesel has to be leashed now in case of bears as he took off after one and it was a good thing the bear didn't stop and defend itself...it could have been ugly.

looking down on Stewart Lake...our campsite is at the far right end, just out of the picture

We both have been fishing here before and the biggest fish we've caught were 12" but we've heard rumours about some big ones...so off they went

sure enough they were back with some 12"s and when Den was cleaning the fish from his boat just off shore,  he starts yelling Russ...Russ...Russ

"A shark just swam by and grabbed the guts"! 

"There are big fish in this Lake" 

so I got out my fly gear

and went just off shore 

Den and Kerrie came to see what might happen 

I'm hoping the big fella will be back :)

after 10 minutes there was nothing...then bang!!
He was on and he swung my boat around 
and pulled me away from shore

after several runs it was time to bring him closer to the kayak and around the bow

and into my net...

I kept thinking don't screw this up now

everything went as planned

Yippee...I got Him

too much fun...
it was flapping between my legs 
as I raced for the shore

         Yikes...its bigger than my net :)

a nice 22" / 4 pound cutthroat 

more quadding fun

Warden Peak makes me feel very small

look at the size of this stump. Unfortunately logging is the reason we have access to this wonderful valley

Consort Creek flowing down to Stewart Lake

a sweet umbrella waterfall

fantastic morning ride

I thought we had found a new lake but it was just fog

Time to head home after a great adventure

The White River Valley is Magnificent!